• ARKITECHNO’s core area of operations had been the transport sector. With highly qualified, skilled and experienced professionals. ARKITECHNO now successfully plans, designs and delivers roads, highways, railways, tunnels, bridges, airports, and ports. Through our wide reach, we are able to offer clients an extensive resource base that can provide a unique breadth of local knowledge combined with advanced technical capability that enables us to respond to all our clients’ transport needs. In collaboration with the demands of the clients, we support them from prefeasibility to designing through to project supervision.


      • Detailed Engineering
      • Techno-economic feasibility studies
      • Transport Planning
      • Traffic Management & Safety
      • Architectural / Structural Design
      • Project formulation
      • Concept planning
      • Project management & Construction Supervision
      • Detailed Project Reports
      • Quality Control & Quality Assurance
    • ARKITECHNO’s highly qualified staff of planners, civil engineers, and environmental engineers have planned pollution control measures for cities and controlling pollution of rivers. The range of services covers planning and design of sewerage systems, pumping, STPs (Sewerage Treatment Plants), sludge disposal, Low cost sanitation systems, financial & economic analysis & project management services. Yet another important area which needs urgent attention is examining the possibility of re-use and re - cycling of waste after necessary treatment. ARKITECHNO experienced engineers pay special attention to these aspects while designing the water supply and the sewerage treatment facilities.


      • Preparation of short term/long term plans.
      • Assessment of surface & ground water potential.
      • Ground water abstraction.
      • Water Quality analysis & improvement.
      • Financial assessment & planning of Project.


      • Design of intake system, pumping system, transmission & distribution system.
      • Planning and design of sewerage net works.
      • Design of sewerage system & STPs for urban and rural areas.
      • Design of systems to prevent pollution of rivers.
      • On - site sanitation, Low cost sanitation & Pollution safeguards.


      • Control & treatment of Industrial effluents
      • Waste water & Industrial treatment works
      • Effluent recycling & reuse of Municipal & Industrial waste
      • Plant operation & Maintenance
      • Sludge treatment, reuse & disposal


        • Supervision & Management of Project construction
        • Facility Management
        • Institutional Development
      • ARKITECHNO provides a broad range of engineering and specialist technical services to the energy & power sector utilities and independent energy producers. Our extensive experience in providing consultancy services for the power and energy vertical offer solutions that significantly improve efficiency and our clients’ faith on our credibility. ARKITECHNO’s specialist energy and power team delivers high end engineering solutions to our clients’ industry specific challenges.


        • Engineering & Design
        • Route Selection
        • Technical & Economical Evaluation
        • Geotechnical & Geophysical Interpretation
        • Detailed design of pipelines, crossings, and landfalls
        • Design of above ground installations and compressor facilities
        • Construction planning and scheduling
        • Cost estimation and control
        • Construction Management
        • Commissioning
        • Project Management
      • Considering quintessential time, effective costs, and quality parameters, ARKITECHNO has started its journey to be an established industry leader in the execution of large projects. The organization’s ISO 9001:2008 certification ensures quality service in various infrastructure related projects in the decade year old experience. Strong capabilities in strategic management and speedy development, with over 1000 projects under the belt and counting, ARKITECHNO has gone beyond in introducing stalwarts from various fields of academia and corporate.
        ARKITECHNO balances effectively between art and technology, form and function, beauty and purpose, vision and result. From high rise buildings to educational and corporate hubs, ARKITECHNO forms the skyline of any city. Solution providers by forte, we serve clients by listening to their concerns, understanding their goals, and sharing their vision. A belief prevails in ARKITECHNO that investments should be aligned with measurable, sustainable business benefits. Our portfolio reflects a commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. Our design process is based upon energy efficient building systems, environmental conditions and performance related. Throughout India, ARKITECHNO has achieved honors and recognition for designing excellence.

      • ARKITECHNO Consultants (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary leading IT enabled Architectural and Engineering CAD drawing services provider company operating since 2000 with ISO 9001: 2008 certification. It has developed itself into a leading independent consultancy organization rendering complete services in all fields of transportation engineering, pipe lines, institutional buildings, urban planners and designers, interior design consultancy, township projects and rehabilitation & disaster management projects in India.

        With an impressive track record in Construction engineering and Management, Materials in Civil Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Environment and Water Resources, Environmental engineering, Building Management System (BMS) - Computer-based control system installed in buildings, It is dedicated to offer services for Large Scale CAD Services including CAD Data Conversion, CAD Drafting, Customized Application Development for various industries, GIS Mapping, Automated mapping (AM), Facility Mapping (FM), Remote Sensing services to customers worldwide.

        • Architectural 2D Drafting Services – CAD Drafting Services catering to architects, engineers, real estate developers, interior designs and consultants.
        • Architectural 3D Modelling Services - Modelling of 2D CAD drawings into 3D models. Renderings can also be done.
        • Mechanical 2D Drafting Services - Mechanical Drawings, Mechanical Drafting, mechanical engineering drawings. Revit MEP .
        • Electrical 2D Drafting Services - Electrical Drawing Services and electrical diagrams line drawings, REVIT MEP.
        • Civil engineering drawing - Civil Drawings.
        • HVAC Drawings - HVAC Drafting and Drawings, HVAC coordination.
        • Landscaping Drawing - Landscape design, landscape drafting, landscape architects and Interior Design Services.
        • Structural 2D drafting Services - Structural Drawings, 2D structural drafting, revit structural drafting services. Revit Structure.
        • Building Management System (BMS) - Computer-based control system installed in buildings.
        • Building Information Modelling (BIM) - Process of generating and managing building data during its life cycle.
      • ARKITECHNO TEST HOUSE is a material testing house under the aegis of ARKITECHNO Consultants (India) Private Limited, an ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company.ARKITECHNO TEST HOUSE has been established with the objective to provide Government, Industry Associations and Industry with a mission for assessment of the quality and technical competence of entities related to infrastructure.

        Our Motto is to suffice our clients with advanced and sophisticated technology by testing their construction materials by advanced electronic testing machines and predicting the quality, grade, suitability and unsuitability of the materials like steel, cement, concrete, brick, soil, aggregate, bitumen, etc., with respect to I.S & I.R.C Codes and specification. As a result of which they can reach their ultimate goal of making the product a qualitative one. With the combined resources of ARKITECHNO TEST HOUSE ,our clients can have expert assistance in all areas related to Geotechnical Investigation for suitable foundation system of their structure which could easily withstand “ nature’s fury “.

        We work together to provide our clients with attest analysis that would supply the data needed to make informed material performance decisions.