Road Engineering

From project conception through project implementation, ARKITECHNO provides a complete spectrum of transportation-related services, of which roadway design is an important component. ARKITECHNO excels in planning, designing and supervising all types of road development projects and has significant design experience for all functional classifications. These include highways, expressways and other roads both rural and urban. This broad expertise enables project teams to draw on in-house resources as needed to complete projects efficiently and meet schedule requirements with state-of-the-art topographic instruments, like, Total Stations, GPS etc, computer facilities and modern software packages, like MX Road, Civil 3D etc. available. Our project teams have experience with alternative delivery systems, including design-build and public-private partnerships, to help clients overcome budget challenges and get critical infrastructure built.

Symbols of Transcendence


ARKITECHNO embrace the whole of the project cycle from data collection through feasibility studies, route planning, statutory procedures, design, procurement and site supervision to the management of operations and maintenance activities.

  • Pre-feasibility, Feasibility studies and Detailed Engineering.
  • Alignment and route selection.
  • Traffic Surveys, Forecasting & Modeling.
  • Corridor Management and regional planning.
  • Condition surveys & Inventory-Highways and Bridges.
  • Geotechnical Investigations and material surveys.
  • Topographical surveys and Hydrological Studies.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and management plan.
  • Land Acquisition plans, Rehabilitation & Resettlement.
  • Strip Plans & Utility Relocation plans.
  • Road safety and Accident Studies.

  • Public Consultations.
  • Toll plaza design.
  • Detailed Project Report and Drawings.
  • Functional and Detailed Highway / Roadway Design .
  • Interchange Design .
  • Highway Facilities Design .
  • Cost estimation .
  • Construction Supervision .
  • Construction administration and documentation .
  • Highway Maintenance Management ,Highway Safety Studies.
  • Project Management.