Independent assessment of technical quality through an agency its technical approval or implementation at various stages of rehabilitation – renovation/ construction is the main objective behind Third Party Quality Assurance to ensure desired work standards and specifications of the approved DPR . In order to carry out the quality audit tasks the consultants will, but not limit to:

  • Provide quality facility (Quality testing laboratory or/ and mobile testing laboratory as appropriate to different sites) for testing of construction material as required during various stages of construction.
  • Conduct technical audits at different construction sites in different stages to ascertain and certify the standard of implementation and adhere to guidelines and disaster resistant features.
  • Co-ordinate with various agencies/ team such as PMU, Project Implementation Unit, Line Departments.
  • Conduct regular field visits and contact various stake holders and provide reports on the aspects of beneficiary inclusion, satisfaction and grievances redress and provide regular reporting.
  • Provide audit reports and assist the project in achieving its objectives.
  • Maintain Project Monitoring System.