Water Management - Municipal Solid Waste

We see water in context. From delivering water infrastructure to advising on natural catchments, we consider commercial, economic, environmental and social implications.
ARKITECHNO’s global reach and keen insight into the entire water cycle, and our practical experience in contrasting climates and conditions, brings oversight to our work in water – including infrastructure design and engineering, asset management, flood mitigation, sustainable water management, water strategies and research.
Activities in the field of Hydrology and hydraulics in ARKITECHNO started as part of Highway planning and design works for cross-drainage structures and longitudinal drains. Later on during last five years the activities have been expanded in the field of Water-shed Management, Agriculture and Irrigation, Water Supply, Municipal Engineering and Hydro-power.
ARKITECHNO has proved its competence in the field of water resources through its completed and on-going projects. The latest technology of Remote-sensing has been successfully applied for preparation of Master plan of Irrigation and Detailed Project Report. Similarly water supply & sanitation projects have been successfully completed both in towns in plains and very difficult Kashmir terrain.

ARKITECHNO Covers The Following Service Areas

  • Hydrological analysis for planning & design of CD structure and longitudinal drainage in highways .
  • Survey, Investigation, Data Collection and Water Availability Studies.
  • Planning, design and execution of water supply, sewerage and drainage in plains and hills.
  • Satellite imagery processing, digital elevation model development, storage planning and command area development works - micro irrigation schemes.
  • Planning, design & execution of canal and drainage works for Irrigation
  • Water-shed development planning & designs
  • Water Supply and Public Health Engineering
  • Environmental impact assessment & socio-economic studies for Water Resources projects
  • Planning, design, construction supervision and Quality Assurance & Quality Control for Dam and related structure
  • Dam and Reservoir Engineering
  • Planning & Design of Hydro Power schemes.

Areas of Consultancy


  • Preparation of master plan.
  • Topographical surveys, alignment surveys.
  • Preparation of detailed designs.
  • Drawings and cost estimates.
  • System layout and designs including distribution networks.
  • Design of Intake structures and treatment plants.
  • Tender documents & specifications.
Irrigated Agricultural Environment
Socio-Economic Evaluation
Core Consultancy
      • Surveys & investigations.
      • Feasibility studies.
      • Preliminary & detailed designs of irrigation structures.
      • Distribution system & micro level planning and designs.
      • Operation & maintenance.
      • Construction supervision.
      • Upstream and downstream control, conveyance systems.
      • Canal automation.
      • Detailed designs of surface & sub-surface drainage.
      • Implementation of surface and sub-surface drainage systems.
      • Sociological studies for farmers' participation.
      • Bio-drainage.
      • Water audit for control of seepage losses.
      • Water balance and salt balance studies.
      • Audit of seepage losses.
      • Water balance & salt balance studies.
      • Water logging.
      • Salinity.
      • Soil and water conservation.
      • Dry land farming.
      • Integrated watershed management.
      • Socio-economic baseline survey.
      • Monitoring & evaluation.
      • Farmers' training & participation.
      • Farm planning.
      • Strategies for production, transportation, storage and to outlet centres.
      • Detailed Project Reports.
      • Macro and Micro Planning.
      • Contract Management.
      • Rehabilitation / Modernization.
      • Conjunctive Use of Surface & Ground Water.
      • Monitoring & Performance Evaluation.
      • Participatory Irrigation & Drainage Management.