Architecture is an ever-evolving landscape and as the years pass by, old practices slowly get abolished while new trends keep cropping up. 2018 saw some great development and consolidation of popular ideas and trends related to architecture and while some have carried over to this year, 2019 is also seeing some new ideas already. Let us try to determine the trends that will dominate the field of architecture and construction in 2019.

Architecture Trends of 2019
  •  Increased Focus on Renewable Energy –Anyone even remotely connected to the field of architecture knows that issues like environmental awareness, global warming and climate change have always been a point of concern for architects. The carbon emissions of any structure under construction have always been a headache for architects in the past, and to this end, 2019 is seeing a lot of focus on the use of renewable energy in construction. ‘Energy Positive’ buildings are capable of generating new energy themselves and hence are the way to look forward in the future.
  •  Smart Cities –There has always been an interest in smart homes and smart cities in the past, but the drive has intensified in 2019. The idea is to build smart homes that make use of AI, machine automation and robotics to create solutions that increase the comfort of any house or office with Minimal human effort required.
  • Recycle and Reuse –The construction industry has the dubious distinction of having one of the largest carbon footprints in the world, and architects have always been concerned about how to reduce this footprint. The concept of a ‘Sustainable City’ which makes use of renovation, rehabilitation and adaptive recycling is taking precedence in 2019, which is not a bad step at all.
  • The Digital Future of Construction –The work that goes on within construction sites is changing at a very rapid pace with the implementation of new and emerging technologies that improve productivity and efficiency. BIM systems, modular construction, prefabrication are now being carried out and controlled off-site. Moreover, 3D printing, automation and the use of AI are slowly but surely taking us towards a future where construction sites will not rely on humans as much as they do now.
  • Urban Design –Natural resources like wind, water and soil are taking centre-stage, and the concept of ‘Landscape Urbanism’ is prime in 2019. ‘Permaculture’, a system where design principles are influenced by agricultural, social and political fields, is another concept that is gaining traction nowadays. All in all, urban design has started taking cues from the environment around us, and it is helping build greener, collective cities.

Ultimately, 2019 is geared up to be a year that will see a lot of positive changes in the fields of architecture and construction, and that’s good news for everyone of course.