Assistant Vice President Finance & Admin:

Pradipta Pala

Mr. Pradipta Pala is a MBA in Finance, holding a ravishing 25 years of experience in the field of Finance Management. He has worked with leading projects in Civil Engineering managing the healthy financial flow of funds as required and has a record of maximizing the efficiency of project with the stipulated budget in hand.
His past experience in managing the cliental in the financial front has been very positive with the best outcome to the Company as well as the Project. He maintains a very systematic way of planning and budgeting each project well in advance before starting the project so that he has a total control on the expenses as well as the smooth working of the Project. With his having past experience of handling schonstedt locators of various budget and intensity he uses his calculative skills to use the finances smartly as well as blair supply corp. The Financial Health for long term growth of Arkitechno is handled by him for almost two decades now. Apart from handling the Finance department of Arkitechno he even heads the admin department where all the admin decision is taken with his approval. The HR and other department heads directly report under him.

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HOD (Business Development)

Shyamalendu Pallai

Mr. Shyamalendu Pallai, MBA in Business Administration (Management and Operations) from IMIS, Bhubhaneshwar, is a highly experienced professional with an experience of over 17 years in his field. An excellent communicator, he is adept in Business Strategy, Business Development, Client Handling, Project Management and Financial and Business Proposals and is an integral cog in the wheel of Arkitechno.

HOD ( Highway Design )

Mr. Chandan Dey

Mr. Chandan Dey is a B.Tech in Civil Engineering from Institute of Civil Engineers and MBA in Project Management with an extensive knowledge and experience of about 15 years with Arkitechno. He has worked as Senior Highway Engineer in various Detailed Project Reports, Authority Engineer and Project Management Consultany for various Project under NHAI, PWD, MoRTH and Urban and Rural Roads and Bridges, he manages the Highway Design team of Arkitechno and is very efficient in delivering reports on time and making the team work with aligned deadlines. He has been handling the Economic Corridor project and been looking upon all the Highway Engineering aspects of the Project with timely coordination with the client.

HOD ( Enviromental Studies )

Mr. Rakesh Satpathy

Mr. Rakesh Satpathy has Masters Degree in Environmental Science and continuing Masters of Sociology, and around 14 years of professional experience in Environmental Planning Management and social management in various development projects. He has worked exclusively in World Bank and multilateral funded assignments on environmental impact assessment, infrastructure development projects and Social impact assessment. The Environmental & Social Planning experiences are preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Management Plan (EMP), Social Impact Assessment, Rehabilitation Action Plan, Construction Supervision of Roads and Highways, monitoring and evaluation, Environment and Development Policy Planning, Regional Infrastructure Impact Assessment etc. He has been actively taking care of all the Environmental Projects Under the Environmental Department and directs the team to perform various duties on the same project as per the requirement.


Mr. Jajati Rout

Mr. Jajati Rout is a Masters in Geo Technical Engineering with an experience of about 12 years in the same field, he has been handling all the Geotechnical related works under Arkitechno in various projects of roads, bridges, soil-testing, social and environmental studies, and all other projects where in required. With the in-depth knowledge in the Geo-Technical field and Soil testing works Mr. Jajati has been actively doing the various testing at the Arkitechno Test House which is part of Arkitechno and all the major testing of civil work related materials are taken place independently.

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