Institutional Strengthening and Strategic Planning

Organizations with long-term missions are designed to deliver services over time. 

Such positioning calls for a long-term look at likely current and future opportunities and obstacles and how to deal with them if they occur. Institutional strengthening and strategic planning can help develop this long-term perspective.

Institutional Strengthening is a reference for organizations that wish to develop or improve existing institutional strengthening systems and processes. It presents principles, minimum standards, best practices, business processes, references and tools for effective, efficient and sustainable organizations.

A strategic plan helps an organization to create and maintain a long-term view of what it wants to become, providing a framework for programs that help the organization better serve stakeholder needs. It also helps identify what changes may be necessary for the organization to compete effectively in the future.

Arkitechno defines an organization’s values and beliefs and how it will conduct business. With these value statements in perspective, an overall mission or purpose is developed. Goals and measurable objectives are then established for measuring progress. Activities are assigned to respective staff with time and financial resources allocated, and progress performance indicators are developed. In this manner, we ensue that when you work with us, you can actually leave it all to us without any worries.

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