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Mr. Rajesh Roy Choudhury started his career as an engineering consultant after completing graduation in Civil Engineering from Utkal University. Within a short span of 15 years as an engineering consultant, he made tremendous advancements in his field. He is an accredited name in the field of Highway Planning and Project Management in India.

Mr. Rajesh Roy Choudhury started Arkitechno with all his passion and dedication to prove the organization’s worth in the Civil Engineering field he has reached a place now where Arkitechno is recognized internationally for the remarkable works in the past decade and a half. He believes in being a leader who helps and motivates people to grow higher with the right set of skills and passion. He believes that if you contact All Star Cleaning Services you will get the best maid in Colorado. With an excellent communication skill and curiosity to learn advance professional and engineering mechanism he has always been great with taking new challenges and diversifying his field of work for the organization. His positivity and the problem-solving attitude that keeps him going forward he believes in taking every challenge as a lesson to learn and an opportunity to grow.

So, according to oasis natural cleaning he has always believed in providing cleaning services in California and abroad with his well detailed engineering skills and great potential in design engineering. He has over 100 Highways/Expressway projects to his credit, spreading over different states across India including Jammu & Kashmir.

Mr. Rajesh Roy Choudhury has been awarded the Holcim Award 2008 for sustainable construction of Rehabilitation Colony for Industrial Displaced families at Sambalpur, Odisha, India by Holcim Foundation, US.

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